When working on your own it is easy to get side tracked and only shift things around. We go through your home and clear out the unwanted and give you more space.


Where do you spend most of your time in your home, what furniture is no longer functional? Start the process soon to keep your home safer, more comfortable, and cozy while getting rid of the clutter and junk.

Packing and unpacking.

Have decided to shift and require help with packing? Allow us to carry out the process diligently. Not only will we help you with packing efficiently ensuring that delicate items are handled with utmost care, with your consent, we will also assist you with unpacking when the items reach you new location.

Estate settlement

The process of estate settlement involves determining which assets are owned by the deceased, place a value on the assets and transfer them to the correct people or institution, the process of which can be accomplished with either a will (through the probate process) or a trust (generally done through a private process).

Although it is tedious, with our help you can sit back, relax and ensure everything is handled efficiently.


We can arrange a full cleaning service on any jobs we are Involved in can be arranged on both the old house  your moving from and to the new home you are moving.