Need help to re-organize your home to create more space? Let us help.

Need help to re-organize your home to create more space? Let us help.

Reorganizing or eliminating the things you don’t need, is the primary concern, when it comes to tidying up residential or commercial spaces. Agreed, the stuff you own is of prime importance to you and you cannot let go of it easily; but have you imagined the space those things are occupying just because you have developed an emotional connection to it, without fulfilling its desired purpose? In order to organize your place, it is primarily important to understand what you need and what you don’t need, only after which, you can start with the reorganizing phase. Maybe, your children have moved out and their childhood toys are still at your place occupying an entire room. Don’t you think, that place could be used for a more specific purpose and the toys could be re-located to a place they are visible, in order to help you reminiscence on their child-hood memories?

Based on an article “20 Household Items Most People Have That They Don’t Really Need: A Readers’ Survey” on the hipdiggs website, it has been found that household items that are not really needed also include non-functioning dish-washers, electric mixers, napkin rings and so on. No doubt, they were very efficient during their times and served their purpose well, but why store it when you can get a good price in order to purchase a new one? The task of sorting items into categories (eg: recycle, donate, give to friend, put in deep storage) and ensuring that the items are gotten rid of is very important.

“Rome was not built in one day”, is a very popular quote and in order to ensure that the de-cluttering process is handled efficiently, it is trivial that you seek professional help.

We at “homesweethome” take care of all activities related to de-cluttering, down-sizing homes, packing & unpacking, cleaning and so forth. Rest assured, even if things are not needed, we will provide you with suitable options and only after getting a head-up from your end, will they be relocated.

“Go through our range of services and take advantage of the free consultation provided by us to help you create a tidy environment”

Decluttering: Sorting out stuff.Below is an image of a recent residential apartment we handled. When working on your own it is easy to get side tracked and only shift things around. We go through your home and clear out the unwanted and give you more space.

Downsizing: Getting rid of unwanted stuff.

We accumulate item which are not needed and help you relocate them. Who knows, maybe, the stuff you don’t need can be treasure to somebody else. Items not needed can be donated, recycled, or put in deep storage.

Estate settlement: The process of estate settlement involves determining which assets are owned by the deceased, place a value on the assets and transfer them to the correct people or institution, the process of which can be accomplished with either a will (through the probate process) or a trust (generally done through a private process).

Although it is tedious, with our help you can sit back, relax and ensure everything is handled efficiently.

Packing and unpacking.

Have decided to shift and require help with packing? Allow us to carry out the process diligently. Not only will we help you with packing efficiently ensuring that delicate items are handled with utmost care, with your consent, we will also assist you with unpacking when the items reach you new location.


We can arrange a full cleaning service on any jobs we are Involved in can be arranged on both the old house  your moving from and to the new home you are moving.

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